From being a Digital Marketing Expert to a Digital Media Entrepreneur, an arc worth traversing - Animesh Sharma

Lucknow - (Khushi Samay Desk) -  Digital marketing’ is one of the most buzzing fields in today’s world. It is an umbrella name for social media marketing, search engine marketing, YouTube marketing, mobile app marketing etc. It can also be called as a technique to promote product and services using internet through computer and smart phones.

Digital marketing is done by the use of latest technology like voice search, smart speakers, artificial intelligence, programmatic advertising, influencer marketing, social media stories, browser push notifications, augment reality, big data and deep learning. 

It is a vast field which includes websites creation to web marketing, video creation to video promotion, social media to influencer marketing etc.

Dentsu Aegis Network (DAS) has said in a report that Digital advertising industry is expected to cross ₹50,000 crore mark by 2025 and touch ₹58,550 crore in five years, led by smartphones and cheap data penetration.The report said that mobile ad spend is expected to grow 41% to reach a share of 52% in the overall digital advertising market

Modules of Digital Marketing : Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Web & Graphics Design, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Mobile Apps Creation & Marketing , Video Marketing

Latest digital marketing trends : Video Marketing, Local Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Personalized Marketing, Social Media Marketing, social media stories, push notifications, social commerce, omnichannel marketing, Influencer Marketing, YouTube Marketing, programmatic advertising, artificial intelligence, chat bots, conversational marketing, social messaging apps, visual search, micro moments, voice search, augmented reality and immersive technology, predictive & augmented analytics, user generated content, blockchain technology, website security are the latest digital marketing trends.

Fastest growing digital marketing platform : YouTube, Instagram, Google Maps, UC Browser, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Zoom and Digital payment – Google Pay, Paytm, Phone Pay etc are the fastest digital marketing platforms.

Careers in Digital Marketing : Digital marketing is a field where any person who is passionate about his skills can make his career. In, corporate world, companies are offering designations to digital marketing guys are SEO Manager, SEO Specialist, SEM Expert, SEO Analyst, SEM Analyst, Web Analyst, Digital Marketer, Website Manager, Web & Graphics Designer, Growth Hacker, Social Media Manager, Affiliate Marketing Manager, Online Brand Officer, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Officer, Online Marketing Manager, Internet Marketing Manager, Online Advertising Manager, Digital Communication Manager, Paid Campaign Manager, Digital Advertising Manager, Video Marketing Manager, Instagram Strategist, E-Commerce Manager, Performance Marketing Manager, E-Business Officer, Facebook Marketer, Campaign Manager and many more. Few senior level designations are Chief Digital Officer and Chief Web Officer.

Digital Entrepreneurship : As per report of statistia, by 2023, the number of active Indian internet users will reach almost 666 million. India has already become the country with 2nd largest number of internet users in the word. Due to high penetration of internet and smartphone, ‘digital entrepreneurship’ is increasing rapidly.

Young people are showing interest in the field of digital marketing and social media. They are adopting digital marketing social media entrepreneur.  YouTube, platform has emerged as a house of entrepreneur. 

The entrepreneurial world is so big and full of entrepreneurs that many get lost in the process. So for those who want to success can by starting their digital marketing entrepreneurial journey in the following ways-

Digital Marketing Agency / Social Media Entrepreneur:  You can start your digital marketing agency by getting digital marketing work of the different companies and you can make huge profits by offering them desired result by using digital technologies such as search engine optimization, programmatic advertising, geo-fencing ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, social media marketing etc.

Digital Marketing Professional: Digital marketing professional is a person who offers their digital marketing services to the companies. You may start your entrepreneurial journey by offering your professional services to the companies as social media expert, digital expert, performance marketing expert, Facebook marketing strategist etc.

Digital Marketing Consultant: Digital marketing consultant is one of the the best growing digital marketing and social media careers where you can grow your career as a digital marketing consultant.

Video Production: Video marketing is growing day by day. Video is more consumed on internet more than text.  You can start your video production firm which can provide required videos to the companies.

Content Production: Content is the base of digital marketing. There is no existence of digital world without content. You can start your digital marketing journey by the inception of content production firm which can provide content to the corporate world.

YouTuber: YouTube is the second largest search engine. You can start your YouTube channel in your interested niche and earn huge money by growing your channel.  As per a report by ‘Business Insider’, top 10 list of top YouTubers (YouTube channel Subscribers) in India are Carry Minati (25.9M), Amit Bhadana(21.5M),  Ashish Chanchlanivines (21.2M), BB Ki Vines (19.3M), Technical Guruji (19.2M), Sandeep Maheshwari (17M), Round2hell (16M), FactTechz (14.6M), Vivek Bindra (13.9M), EmiwayBantai (12.4M).

E-commerce Entrepreneur:  Due to COVID-19 and lockdown, online shopping has increased drastically. People are more interested in buying online rather than physical shopping on stores. You may also start your own online e-commerce portal as well as e-commerce app which will have high potential to earn revenue.

Gaming App Developer: In 2019, the global mobile gaming market grew to $68.5 billion. According to market experts, the global mobile gaming market will hit $76.7 billion, representing a 12% market growth.  You may also start your digital marketing entrepreneurship journey by being a gaming app developer.

Affiliate Marketer: Affiliate marketing is a process to earn commission from promotion of other companies’ product and services.You can start your digital entrepreneur journey as an affiliate marketer with Amazon affiliates, commission junction affiliates etc.

Blogger: Blogging is one of the most promising fields in digital marketing. There are any bloggers who are earning big time. In current time, you can start your blogging careers in your interested niche. Your interested niche may be soft skills, motivation, car reviews, electronic gadgets, food recipe, hotels and restaurants reviews,book reviews, and much more.