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It’s a great pleasure for us to introduce our guest today - Animesh Sharma, who is going to talk to us about the most common Digital Marketing Skills. This is a subject in which we should all be deeply interested because in this era of digitization now businesses are also dependent on digital platform.


Correspondent - Hello Animesh, tell us something about yourself.

That’s actually so difficult. But now that you have asked, I would sum up in few words, an industrious Digital Entrepreneur in making. That’s Animesh Sharma.

Although I come from a small but one of the most popular towns in India, Amethi in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Who doesn’t know it? I don’t know why but I have never followed the herd, I have tried to be different and do things differently, distinct from the crowd. Although I may not have been successful at it in one go, but small persistent steps have always taken me to the desired success.

I graduated with a B.Tech in information technology from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh university Ayodhya. I then went on and earned MBA in e-business from LUMBA (Department of business administration), University of Lucknow. I am currently doing Doctorate in digital marketing. I am a man who is always ready to learn new skills.

Correspondent - Why did you choose digital marketing as your profession, as the field in which you wanted to make a name in?

I chose e-business and digital marketing as my profession with a vision in mind. I was never told to do this. It was my choice. I could envision the future of digital marketing in 2004. I have always been passionate about computer and information technology field. Being fond of new age technologies and innovation, I was always fascinated in the real application of computers, information technology, e-business & strategy. I was in B. Tech when I had decided to set up my own company someday, and that too something in digital space. In those days it was e-commerce, e-business. Even this world ‘Digital’ has become famous only in the past few years.

Correspondent - What is digitalwala.com? Is this a digital marketing agency or a social media influencers firm or something else?

The name itself suggests what ‘digitalwala’ is. The person or the expert who knows how to do digital marketing is called digitalwala in Hindi. In my corporate journey as an online marketing expert, SEO expert and digital leader, I  had always dreamt of creating a brand that helps individuals to upgrade their online presence by using digital technologies. Digitalwala.com aims to be best digital marketing agency in the country which offers various digital marketing services from domain name to website creation, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, display advertising, social media marketing, app development to mobile promotion, video creation to video promotion and marketing.

Correspondent - How important is digital marketing in these times for any start up or an already mature business?

Present time, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the digital marketing usage has been preponed from five to six years. Digital marketing is no more optional. Now, digital marketing has become essential for every business from startup to mature businesses. Without digital marketing, no business can grow in present time and in future too. Digital marketing encompasses online marketing, internet marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, online reputation management, e-mail marketing, video marketing, content marketing and mobile marketing, paid ads etc.

Correspondent - What mistakes do companies commonly make when establishing their social media presence?

Generally, companies make mistake that they start working without a plan. I have seen many companies that they create account on different social media platforms and after few months, there activities become negligible and also, they do the same posting in various social sites. Every social media platform has separate algorithm.  We have to understand and analyze with continuous monitoring of metrics of each social platform. And then start using social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and the fastest growing question answers platform Quora. Companies can establish strong social media presence by pro-actively using the social media marketing platforms.

Correspondent -  What do you envision the scope of digital marketing in the coming years?

The Future and scope of digital marketing is bright in the upcoming years. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, by 2021, 829 million Indians (59 percent of the population) are expected to use the internet on a daily basis. Out of above 829 million, 79% will access the internet through mobile. And as per Statista, number of internet users in India by 2025 will become 974.86 million.

Government of India and state governments are also using digital mediums to promote their welfare schemes. Ministries’ and departments are actively using different social media platforms to convey messages, information and their decisions on various schemes. They are even using it to resolve everyday problems of citizens.

Digital entrepreneurship is becoming extremely demanding in today's world because of its importance and ease. Digital entrepreneurship will increase rapidly due to high penetration of internet users in upcoming years.

In my opinion digital marketing has huge scope of growth in the upcoming years and anyone who can understand its importance will reap huge benefits in the future. The ease of use of digital technologies, social media platforms and a little bit investment can give exponential returns to anyone who avails the services.