Social Media Rules For Making Your Presence Count

Today, if you have a business, it is imperative to have a social media presence. Social media marketing allows people in business to build a relationship with their loyal customers, find new clients, and most importantly,it helps you stand out from the rest in the market.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Animesh Sharma

Here’s a detailed breakdown of some top rules to follow for building your social media presence from scratch.

Choose Your Platform : Although social media platforms are abundant on the internet, there is no need for you to venture into every single one of them. It would be best to begin with one or two social media platforms- only those that hosts a majority of your target demographics. Going all guns blazing right at the beginning will only abandon all the different accounts in the future. Once the accounts are live, invest your time and creativity in the social media accounts to sustain and eventually grow.

Craft Your Profiles : Social media offers a promising opportunity for people in business to expand their reach online. However, just creating accounts on the platforms won’t be enough. Hence, you must try establishing a signature or a niche on your social media accounts.

This will help you establish a brand for yourself in the online market, thereby setting you apart with clear distinction and style. Try incorporating graphics into all your social content. Furthermore, you must maintain a sense of consistency with the style that you use across all your content. Additionally, social media brings SEO search ranking into the picture as well.


Post Consistently : Social media inclines us to live in the moment. Maintaining a content publishing streak will contribute to gathering new leads and retaining existing consumers. Until you have established a stable consumer base, you must refrain from any inconsistent social media activity.

Your activities and engagements will directly influence your social media presence- it could be daily, weekly or even on a fortnight basis. Your frequency will be depending on the traits of your business.

Respond To Engagement : If you plan to establish yourself as a social media personality or aim to extend your business beyond the existing boundaries, you must make sure you have a cordial relationship with your consumer base. Your social media pages should project a festive and community atmosphere for the visiting traffic to notice at first glance. Additionally, you must engage and acknowledge your existing consumers when they react to your content, product and services. It would be best if you leveraged your social media engagements to build on relationships with the audience.

Final Thoughts : Creating a brand for you on social media platforms is hard in this day and age. However, it would be best if you held the patience to ride out the tide to meet the rewards eventually. And with the above-listed rules, you can achieve an active social media presence to bring success and recognition to your business.

Animesh Sharma is an ardent digital marketing and social media expert, consultant, author, speaker and trainer who helps companies grow their business; and also mentors a digital marketing agency DigitalWala. He regularly maintains his blog